Welcome to Our Soap Factory in the Netherlands

Welcome to the magical world of soap! At our soap factory in the Netherlands, we create high-quality, handmade soap bars with passion and craftsmanship. Our focus is on quality and the speed of innovation, using two different production processes to create unique soap creations.

The Craft of Soap Making through Extrusion and Pressing

Our first approach involves a traditional method: grinding, blending, extruding, and pressing of soap, known as ‘cold pressing’. This method honors the ancient artisanal art of soap making. Through careful grinding, blending, and pressing, beautiful, durable soap bars are created that embody the essence of craftsmanship. The Raw Materials The journey begins with the careful selection of high-quality raw materials. We use a combination of vegetable oils, essential oils, and other natural ingredients chosen for their nourishing properties and mild cleansing action. These ingredients form the essence of our soap. Rolling and Blending In our soap-making process, the raw materials are carefully rolled and blended. Rolling creates a fine texture that allows for an even distribution of ingredients. Blending requires expertise to create the right composition for each soap variant we produce. Extrusion and Pressing The blended soap dough is then fed through an extruder, where it is formed into long, firm bars. These bars are then cut to size and undergo the pressing process. Here, the soap is pressed into the desired shape under high pressure. This process requires attention to detail and craftsmanship to ensure that each soap bar is perfectly formed and compressed. Manual Packing In our pursuit of perfection, the process does not end with production. Each soap is then carefully packaged by hand. This not only ensures the protection of the final product but also allows us to control each piece of soap that goes into our finished products. Moreover, it gives us the opportunity to apply unique packaging, as we are not limited by the constraints of machines. The Result The cold press process results in beautiful, handmade soap forms, a result of our commitment to craftsmanship. Each soap bar is unique, with a delightful fragrance and nurturing properties that are a true treat for the senses and the skin. At our soap factory, we honor this artisanal process and strive to produce soap creations that are not only of the highest quality but also a tribute to the timeless art of soap making.

Melt & Pour Technique

In addition, we embrace the modern approach to soap making with the ‘Melt & Pour’ technique, also known as Casting. Here, we melt high-quality ingredients and add unique components to create a wide range of colors, scents, and textures. With this method, we produce various cosmetic products such as conditioner bars, body oil bars, deodorant, etc. Melting High-Quality Ingredients This journey begins with ingredients or soap bases, which are carefully composed to provide a foundation for our creations. These ingredients or soap bases, derived from natural oils and glycerin, are melted into a liquid mass ready to be transformed into unique soap forms. Creative Ingredients and Customizations Melting the ingredients or soap bases opens a world of possibilities. We add colors, scents, essential oils, dried flowers, exfoliating materials, and other nurturing ingredients to create a range of textures, scents, and visual aesthetics. This gives each soap a unique composition. Precision and Shaping The melted mixture is carefully poured into molds, where it must cool to assume its final form. Curing and Ready for Use After pouring into the molds, the soap undergoes a curing process that allows it to cool and acquire its final consistency. Within about one day, the soap reaches its full stability and firmness, ready for further processing. Manual Packing As with the ‘cold press’ process, these beautiful bars are then carefully packed by hand. For these more oily and buttery products, it is often important to use greaseproof paper. Here too, it gives you the possibilities to apply unique packaging, as we are not limited by the constraints of machines. Quality, Creativity, Speed of Product Development, and Sustainability At our soap factory, it’s all about quality, creativity, speed, and sustainability. We strive to make products that are not only good for your skin but also for our planet. Therefore, we carefully select our ingredients and packaging, and aim for environmentally friendly production methods. Our Dutch soap factory is more than just a production site; it’s a center of innovation and passion for high-quality soap. We invite you to discover our journey through the world of soap and experience the beauty of artisanal craftsmanship. Want to know more about our production process or our products? Feel free to contact us. We’re happy to share more about our love for soap!

Welcome to our soap factory.


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